Transforming the Economics of Marketplaces

We provide enterprise grade Promoted Listings solution for marketplaces.

What is Promoted Listing?

Promoted Listings are native product ads that appear throughout the purchase path of marketplace site and apps. It allows the marketplace to unlock additional revenue while buyers interacting with ads remain within marketplace shopping environment.


Sellers promote items that they are already selling on the markplace via Promote's self-serve platform.


Users see sponsored results as native listings based on search query, interest, behavior and so much more.


Marketplace generates ancillary revenue while keeping user experience uninterrupted.

Benefits for marketplace

Help your sellers sell more

Unlock New Revenue

Monetize every visit to your marketplace.


Apply machine learning techniques on behavior and purchase data to find personalized ads for a user.


Allow sellers to retarget interested audience onto Facebook and other distribution channels.

Device Agnostic

Monetize across all devices without requiring any special adaptations.


Continuous optimization in our ad serving algorithm to keep relevancy and quality checked.

User Experience

Click on native promotions and stay within your marketplace environment.

Up and running in 2 weeks

Promote's seamless integration, adapts to existing systems, processes, current user experience and enables rapid integration with very few resources required on your end.

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